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Sarasota Jungle Gardens

The Sarasota Jungle Gardens are one of the most unique botanical gardens in Florida. Comprised of more than 20 acres of lush tropical vegetation, the garden is perfect for a day trip or a longer stay. Highlights of the garden include an Orchid Pavilion, a Tropical Forest, and a Children's Garden.

0.23 miles away

Sarasota Classic Car Museum

The Sarasota Classic Car Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in classic cars. The museum has over 60 cars on display, ranging from pre-war classics to modern classics. The museum also has a collection of memorabilia and artifacts from the history of classic car racing.

0.91 miles away

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art is an art museum located in Sarasota, Florida. The museum was founded by John and Mable Ringling and is now the second-largest collection of American art in the world. The collection features a variety of paintings, sculptures, photography, and decorative arts from the 16th century to the present. Highlights of the collection include pieces by Frida Kahlo, Edward Hopper, Andy Warhol, Rembrandt van Rijn, and Claude Monet. The museum also has a large collection of Asian art and African art.

1.01 miles away

Tibbals Learning Center at The Ringling

Tibbals Learning Center at The Ringling Sarasota

Tibbals is an innovative learning center that helps students develop essential skills for success in school and life. Located at The Ringling Sarasota, Tibbals offers a variety of programs that cater to students of all ages. From early childhood education to adult basic education, Tibbals has something for everyone.

The Tibbals Learning Center offers programs for early childhood education, pre-kindergarten through grade 12. These programs include Head Start, Early Head Start, Reading First, and other federal and state-funded programs. The center also provides daycare for infants and toddlers from 6 weeks old through age 5 years old.

For middle and high school students, the Tibbals Learning Center offers a variety of programs that fit their individual needs. These include Advanced Placement (AP) courses, dual enrollment in college courses, GED preparation classes, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, and more. Tibbals also offers after-school and weekend programming options to meet the needs of students during their free time.

The Tibbals Learning Center is dedicated to providing quality education for students of all ages. With access to a wide variety of programs and services, the center can help students achieve their goals both in school and in life.

1.08 miles away

Art Center Sarasota

Art Center Sarasota is a world-renowned art school located in Sarasota, Florida. The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs in fine arts. Art Center Sarasota was designated as a National Center of Excellence in the Arts by the National Endowment for the Arts. The school's campus features an art museum, two theaters, and nine galleries.

1.91 miles away

Sarasota Opera House

The Sarasota Opera House is a wonderfully historic venue located in Sarasota, Florida. The building was originally constructed as the main theater for the community in 1908 and has since been restored to its former glory. The Sarasota Opera House provides an excellent setting for both classical and popular music performances and is a must-see attraction for visitors to Sarasota.

2.33 miles away

Art Uptown Inc

Art Uptown Inc. is a nonprofit organization located in Sarasota, Florida. The organization is dedicated to the promotion of visual arts in the community. Art Uptown Inc. offers gallery space and programming for artists and art lovers of all levels of experience. The organization also provides educational opportunities for students, residents, and tourists.

The gallery space at Art Uptown Inc. is available for rent and hosts a variety of exhibitions throughout the year. Exhibitions are always free and open to the public. Programming for both visitors and locals includes lectures, tours, panel discussions, and workshops. The organization also provides support services for artists including exhibition space rental, production assistance, and marketing services.

As one of the most established visual arts organizations in Southwest Florida, Art Uptown Inc. has played an important role in the development of the art community in Sarasota.

2.40 miles away

Fishing Pier (Behind MOTE Marine)

The MOTE Marine Fishing Pier is a great spot for fishing in Sarasota. The pier is located behind the MOTE Marine store, and it has a variety of fish to catch. You can find catfish, flounder, redfish, and many other types of fish here. If you are looking for something specific to catch, be sure to ask the staff at the pier. They are experts on all the different fish in Sarasota waters.

2.75 miles away

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Downtown Sarasota campus

The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Downtown Sarasota campus is home to over 15 acres of vibrant gardens that feature a variety of plants, trees, and flowers. The gardens are open from dawn to dusk every day of the year and offer visitors a chance to learn about the plants and how they are used in traditional medicines. There is also a Nature Center on site that contains exhibits about the natural history of the area and how the environment affects human health. The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Downtown Sarasota campus is a wonderful place to visit whether you are looking for a relaxing afternoon out or want to learn more about the plants that make up our local environment.

3.08 miles away

Escape Reality

If you're looking for an escape from reality, look no further than Escape Reality Sarasota. Located in beautiful downtown Sarasota, this gaming and entertainment complex offers a variety of attractions and activities to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Among the attractions at Escape Reality Sarasota is three immersive virtual reality experiences. The first is called "The Dark Zone," which takes you on a frantic journey through a dangerous compound. The second is called "The Aftermath," and sees you fleeing a devastating nuclear attack. The third is called "The Void," and sees you trapped in a dark, hostile world full of deadly creatures.

There are also dozens of other attractions available, including an arcade, a bowling alley, a laser tag arena, and a karaoke room. If you're looking for something to do on a rainy day, Escape Reality Sarasota have you covered too - the complex has its own movie theater with all the latest releases.

3.28 miles away

Sarasota Art Museum

The Sarasota Art Museum is a world-renowned museum located in Sarasota, Florida. The museum has a permanent collection of more than 26,000 objects, including paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings. The museum also has an extensive collection of Asian art, which includes works by such artists as Murano glass painter Giorgio Vasari and Song Dynasty potter Zhao Fanzhi.

3.40 miles away

Arlington Park Sarasota

Arlington Park is one of the most popular racetracks in the country. It is located in Sarasota, Florida, and has hosted a number of major racing events over the years. The track was the site of many successful horse racing events. Arlington Park features a large number of betting options, including live racing, wagering on a harness and thoroughbred races, and off-track betting.

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